North Pole Nukes USA AKA Rudolph The Militant Reindeer is a 1964 Propaganda Movie starring Seyed Ali, Santa & Mrs Claus (only 3 people in this film), which aired on every TV Channel in Drewland ever since.

Earis and Iris, citizens of the city of then named "Custardville", which is now Pandaland, gave the film an F- because This film is considered by Astro Boy, one of his Worst works because of Ali's Anti-American Views.

Transcript to North Pole Nukes USA'

Seyed - If I live to be a hundred I'll never forgive Israel. Well, you might not believe it but I lived in Iran. Oh excuse me, call me Seyed Ali. What's the matter? Haven't you ever seen a bigot before? I left Tehran for the North Pole a couple of years before the big invasion by the USA (launch of AFRTS Teran). Ah, I love Rudolph (not seen in the whole propaganda movie), the Christmas SEAL (The NAVY). The North Pole will never be invaded you know. The USA is plenty fat. The number one citizens up in the USA are the Cyruses (referencing to the then Living Ron Cyrus, his wife, and his young children). Of course, the number one citizens up in the North Pole are the Clauses, Santa and the Misses. They live right over there, first castle on the left. Matter of fact, the only castle left. Heheheh. 

Mrs Claus - Papa Papa Popeye, whoever heard of a skin suit Santa? Eat skin! 

Santa - ......Great bouncing icebergs!

Seyed -- Now don't any of you worry your heads about Santa and Mrs. Clause, worry about your head... The North Pole will destroy the USA. [1]

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