Pinkemana Diane Pie.

Pinkemana Daine Pie was the newest member of The Barney Bunch. She was the main antagonist of the Creepypasta story: Cupcakes. She made cupcakes out of the remains of Elmo's body, which Barney secretly hid.


Pinkemana officially joined the club on August 9, 2013. Just 2 weeks before Abby Cadabby joined. When they first met, they became BFFs fast. Abby helped Pinkemana and Apple Bloom kill people and bake tasty cupcakes out of them. But their friendship did not last long. Because Abby kept turning the cupcakes into pumpkins just for fun. This made both Pinkemana and Apple Bloom very angry.

Death of Abby Cadabby

One night, while Abby was sleeping, Pinkemana sneaked into her room and stole Abby's magic wand and replaced it with a fake one. The very next day, Abby came to the kitchen in the Barney Bunch clubhouse. Pinkemana stole Abby's fake wand and broke it in half, and shot Abby with her gun. She used a knife cut Abby open and Apple Bloom used the real wand, which was locked in a drawer, to turn Abby's guts into sugar and flour. They made cupcakes out of them.

Eventually, Officer Ernie, Officer Bert, and two recently hired cops, Officer Zoe and Officer Rosita found out about Abby's murder, and arrested Pinkemana and Apple Bloom. In jail they shared their cell with G3 Rainbow Dash who got arrested for being a drunk driver. The three of them escaped from PBS jail. For a complete description, see: Fairy Cakes

Death of PDP

Baikinman has planned an assassination attempt on Kid-Friendly Panda, but he killed her instead, because of Baikinman getting pwned by Anpanman and Akachanman. Her will will be read by Astro Boy. In her will, Rudolph will be telecasted on NBC from 2016 and onward.

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