Rick Rat (born April 7 1933) is Chuck E. Cheese's father and a member of The Barney Bunch. In the 1950s, he
Rick Rat

Crappy reconstruction of Rick Rat. (I'll work on this later)

started his porn career in 1953 with Astro Boy & Rick Rat Have An Affair To Remember. He is a real heavy smoker and became a gangster in the late 1970s until the early 1990s. 

Early life

He was born in Switzerland on April 7, 1933. His mother was Italian and his father was Swiss. He moved to America in 1941 after raping guards who unsuccessfully tried to send his mother to a death camp. In 1949, he opened up the Penny Pizza Arcade Park, an early Amusement arcade. The location started to franchise in different cities in the US. 

Wives & Husbands

Due to being a slut, he had too many wives/husbands and divorced them. For some reason, he got married when he was just only eight years old. Here are all of them.

He remarried his wife from 1977, in 2007, because his son is a businessman and owns he owns his company now. 

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