Rossiya TV is a TV Channel In Russia. This is the logo from September 1, 2002 to present.

Rossiya Network is a TV Channel in The Russian Fedoration, lead by The Enemies of The Pajanimals, where their show is on all the time since September 2, 2002

About the Network

The network was established in 1965 as Soviet Central Television Programme 2, 1991 as PTP, and September 2, 2002 as Rossiya Network

Post-Soviet Unsucess (1991-2002)

The Old logo prior to September 1, 2002.

When the network became PTP after the Soviet Union broke up into 15 new countries (including Russia), PTP was unsuccessful because of their Line Logo. Channel One had better ratings in the 1990s. When NTV was established, PTP was the second best network in 1993, behind Channel One. Alyona's Show Premiered in Late August that year. In Fall 1997, Boris Yelstein warned Kids that the network might cause the Nagano Flu because of some lame scenes. PTP struggles ratings for half a decade is because Every Child by the end of 1997 was forced to watch Channel One because of the Nagano Flu, in which it did happen. In October 1999, Sera Jon crashed Alyona's show on PTP, in which "The Creepy Bunny" from Stepashka's show got better ratings. The Bunny, was Channel One's last graphics for the show. On December 27, 2001, Alyona's program broadcast their last episode. It was cancelled on January 28, 2002. 3 Days later on January 31, Stepashka's Show would Premiere in September of That Year.

The Steashka Era (2002-Present)

This must be the network's Most Watched Program Ever.

On September 2, 2002, Stepashka's show premiered on the same day as the name from PTP to The Current Rossiya Network where they remained today. Anti Sera Jon-ism was Establihed that day. The Network was one of the few networks that boycotted Eurovision 2003. Rossiya Network banned all Sera Jon fans and Sera Jon related broadcasts from September 2, 2002 onward as of today.

The Russian Puppets were so successful that Rossiya Network's ratings went back up and running.

The Network banned the premiere of "Tender Shepherd" before it premiered due to Sera Jon-ist related things. The film got negative reviews in Russia that Rossiya Network decided to ban its sequels before they premiered as well. In 2014, they took over the Sochi 2014 Opening Ceremony and changed it up, Where they had a little girl in her character and the history of Russia from the medieval times to the Soviet Union era. 6 Days later, Stepashka announces that Channel One wants to take over the world, but the security took them away, so their "Planned" movie never happened. The Closing ceremony had the same girl, but with 2 of her friends as it focused on chapters of the culture of Russia. 

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