Rudolph the Awesome Barney Bunch North Vietnamese Reindeer is a 1969 porno, marking the porno debut of Drew Pickles. It's best known for a scene in which Barneyland became Drewland.


It starts in Autumn in the north pole with Rudolph the Awesome Barney Bunch North Vietnamese Reindeer's sister, Randolph the Stupid Anti Barney Bunch South Vietnamese Reindeer getting kicked out of the north pole.
Rudolph the North Vietmamese UNMASKED

Rudolph the North Vietmamese UNMASKED

Barney finds out that Rudolph became gay and Drew found out Elvis tried to Represent UK at 1958 ESC with song Don't, but however, Dutch tv rejected it as if he was about to kiss her hand. if had not disqualified, it would have performed 11th and last in the draw order following Lys Asisa with the song Giorgo. Due to the staging inapropriateness, Presley was disqualified. BBC still aired the contest, and France won.


  • In 1964, Elvis Presley got rejected by NBC because of his young age (almost 30 years old), according to Drew Pickles, the director because he did not reach the minimum age (50+) due to the fact he was born in 1935, and NBC allowed humans born in 1914 or Earlier.
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