Salvador havana2

Salvador in his Everyday Appearance

Salvador "Cuban Hurricane" Havana
(b. 1951 d, 2017) wasa Cuban Professional Boxer, who's infamously known for the "Christmas Day Massacre of 1987" Match aganst 18 Year old Tobio Tenma, For this, he was Arrested by the NYPD From Law & Order, and was prisoned from 1988 until 1991 for good behavior and vowed never to Box for Murder Again, until he went Psycho in 1999 and is still at large

Early Life

Salvador was born in 1951 in Havana Cuba, (that is where he got his name from) he briefly joined the Revolution with Che Guevara, until he Accidentally killed his parents thinking they were enemies, this caused him to flee to the U.S.

Boxing Career

Like Tobio, Salvador started professional boxing at a young age, around 16,(His Late Father was Also a Boxer) His First Match was aganst a young Rocky Balboa, And won by KO.

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