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Screw Pickles
is a major enemy of the Barney Bunch and the long lost son of Drew Pickles. He is gayer than Drew Pickles and Stu Pickles combined. Since he was gayer than Drew, he (Screw) was banished to the 6th level of hell. Tommy and Chuckie are afraid of him. His cock is also 50 times longer than Drew's and whenever he eats at McDonalds he uses his own cum instead of ketchup or other condoments. He got to be an honorarble former member of The Humongous Bunch for being "gayer" than Drew, having a penis that's at least 5,000 miles long, and for helping them steal dildos from the Dildo Vault. He is now the co-founder of Waternoose Incorporated. He has a very dark secret, which was that he liked Goombella, although it was only for 2 hours. His butt-buddies are Handsome Homer and Chester Bennington.

Like Tobio Tenma, his mother was a prostitute.


Screw and his brother Bill Pickles in a banned episode of All Grown Up.

One day, after Stu Pickles sole-scrubbed Waternoose to death, he was kidnapped by Dick the Clown and taken to a McDonald's franchise in Hampton Beach, New Hampshire, so that he could taught by Ronald McDonald to be the same level of gay as Drew Pickles. His training is currently ongoing.

His Minions

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