Stepashka (Russian: Степашка) is one of The Enemies of The Pajanimals. She lives in Moscow, Russian Federation, where her show is filmed. In the mid to late 1970s, she replaced Tepa on the program. She even met Daniel Stripped Tiger in 1988 in the United States. She also appears in recent episodes with a yellow and blue shirt and as well as the red and white stripped shirt. She hates Sam & Cat. She was almost replaced by Clones, but turns out, it was a fake article written by snoopy, but the article was Deleted by Georgina K. 

Stepashka looks like this from September 2 2002-Present

Notable Incidents

  • Barney tries to kill her, but Dmitry Malikov saved her right before she was killed and then the security took Barney away. Both Stepashka and Dmitry survived.
Stepashka Painting

Stepashka Painting on set

  • In 2015, alongside her friends, she revived Astro Junge and introduced him to current ABB leader, Anpanman.
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