The 69 Stories of Drew Pickles and his Friends is a lost Barney episode. This episode has to do with the lives of Barney, Drew Pickles, Astro Boy, Dib membrane, Zim, Ronald McDonald, Chuck E. Cheese, and Dick the Clown in late 2009. Despite the name of 69 stories, there are only Six stories in this episode. This lost Barney episode has a small amount of gay sex in it, but nothing too serious and it is shown offscreen.


The Story of Barney

It is a normal day at the PBS Headquarters. Barney wakes up at 6 A.M and begins to eat breakfast and drink beer. This was a normal retene for Barney. However, Barney drank much more beer than normal, that he could hardly walk to work. He then walked onto the railroad tracks and almost got ran over by Thomas the Tank Engine. Barney made it to work, but he was 15 minutes late and  PBS president Elmo told him that if the next screw up happens, he'll be fired. However, he doesn't listen to Elmo and drink some more beer. During the filming of the next episode that would be aired on TV, Barney was too drunk at act but he didn't tell anyone. While he was singing and dancing to his infamous "I love you" song, he knocked over a light and it caused the studio building to catch fire. Everybody ran outside, except for B.J,Baby Bop,and Riff who were trapped in the blaze and they died. After the fire was put out, president Elmo told Barney that was the last straw and he was fired, his show was now canceled, and the he quit The Barney Bunch. Barney didn't care and he punched Elmo in the face. Barney then ran off drunk. The story ends with B.J, Baby Bop, and Riff's bodies being carried out of the remains of the building.

The Story of Drew Pickles

Drew Pickles had just gotten up from bed after having lots of gay sex with his friends Ronald McDonald and the Quaker Queer all night long. More to be added later on in the future!

The Story of Astro Boy

Astro Just got Done Beating it Off To Pictures of Tom Servo and Mega Man in His Office, When Suddenly. His Alchaholic Boss Fires Him For Spanking his Monkey in Public, then he performs a cover version of Mega Man's first hit, Should I Stay Or Should I Go before being pwned by Akachanman and Anpanman. Things go crazy, but he decided to call up Domo on his GayPhawne More to be Added Later in the Future!

The Story of  Chuck E. Cheese

Chuck E. has plans to fight against Freddy Fazbear (Even though, Freddy Fazbear has metal in it, while Chuck E. has flesh)

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