Lyrics (2013)

Drew Pickles: A is for all you a******les out there.

Barney: B is for the Barney Bunch.

Pinkemana Daine Pie: C is for the tasty cupcakes I make!

Ronald McDonald: D is for Drew Pickles

Caillou: E is for Elmo, The puppet who shot Barney!

Chuck E. Cheese: F is for f*** up Grimace.

CowBella: G is for Group Organization.

Satan: H is for Hell on Drewland.

Astro Boy: I is for in my a****le.

Johnny from Airplane!: J is for Just Kidding! :D

Beavis: K is for Ku Klux Klan

Cobalt: L is for Losers

Mr. Buzzcut: M is for M*therf***er.

Kirito: N is for N****rs

Domo: O is for Orgy

Baikinman *kicks domo* P is for Penises,

Aokinman: Pedophiles

Akakinman: and Pornography

Dr. Elefun: Q is for Quacker Queer

Dr. Rabbit: R is for Rabbit, Dr. Rabbit

Tyrone: S is for Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeit

Afro Boy: T is for Traitors

Bonzi Buddy: U is for Uv*la

Sonichu: V is for V**ina

Caitlyn Jenner: W is for Whoop*ss, a pile of it

Rosechu: X is for XXX P*rn

Homer Simpson: Y is for Yellow, the color of my c*ck

Christian Weston Chandler: and Z is for Zebra, the perfect animal to f*ck!

Marco Diaz: Wait, why didn't i say a letter? fatherf*cker!

Lyrics by Ronald McDonald (2012)

A is for A*****e

B is for b***plug

C is for c**

D is for d****s

E is for e*******e

F is for f****t

G is for g**

H is for h*********l

I is for I am really really g**

J is for j*****f

K is for kill the women with my massive big

L is for loose a***

M is for McDonald's s**t burgers

N is for nuggets also known as b***s 

O is for o**y

P is for p***s

Q is for q***r

R is for r**e

S is for swell

T is for t*******s

U is for Uncle Fucker

V is for very very g**

W is for whistling out my bum bum

X is for X-Ray my private areas

Y is for you're about to get f***ing r**ed

Z is for zero, and that is how many seconds you have before I buttf*** your a**hole 


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