This movie is a sequel to The Barney Bunch Movie and is one of Drew Pickles Most Prized Pornos. some of the scenes from the movie are actually from New Year's Pajanimal Song.


The film starts where The Gabbas and The Pajanimals crash Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve 2014 to make an announcement that The Pajanimals will air on PBS Kids beginning on January 2, 2014. However, they got booed by the audience for child abuse and taking over the world and forcing The Pajanimals to get naked in public. The TV Station puts a "Technical Difficulties for Streaking in Public" sign for this reason. But 5 minutes later, ABC is forced to air a closedown clip from TVNZ. Barney turns it off because it scared members of the Barney Bunch. Then the title card for the movie appears, which is actually the title card for The Barney Bunch and set to the tune of The Barney Bunch Theme Song.

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