The Crazy Girlie (Japanese: クレイジーヌード) is a 1988 Film starring Astro Boy, Megaman (members of The Barney Bunch), and Kikidorie (a member of The Anti Barney Bunch).

Film Poster

One of the scene has Astro and Megaman listening to The Sword Dance on NHK Radio (剣の舞), but Kikidorie changes it to a crappy commercial radio station (アンパンマンのマーチ), despite Astro and Megaman's hate to Anpanman.

Scene from The Movie.


  • This is the first film with a song referencing to Anpanman. This continues in many films in the years yet to come, including Do Not Touch Our Time
  • Astro Boy and Mega Man are fans of Hikaru Genji, the popular boy band at the time the movie came out and the performers of Sword Dance.

Goofs and Errors

  • The car has a right hand side, while most Japanese drive on the left. The car must be an Import from USA.
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