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The Russian Puppets are enemies of The Pajanimals since 2013.

These Russian Puppets are enemies of the pajanimals, attempting to destroy each and every member of the pajanimals. Their show premiered in 1964 on Soviet Central Television. It is currently shown in Rossiya Network.

The Puppets

Stepashka is the leader of this group.

Stepashka is the leader of the group and she loves painting. She also organizes protests and boycotts against the pajanimals.

Khyrusha is Stepashka's long time friend.

Khyrusha is Stepashka's long time friend. He blames the pajanimals for being naughty like writing grafiti on the wall.

Philya is Stepashka's Other Long Time Friend

Philya is Stepashka's other long time friend. He was the one who banned the pajanimals from coming to television outside of the United States. 

Karkusha is the only puppet that her feet was visibly seen.

Karkusha is the only member with feet being seen. She makes Microsoft Sam Videos.

Mitshutka with a laptop.

Mishutka is one of the members. He makes videos out of the pajanimals.

Who Accompanies Them?

Anna Mikhalova with Philya and Stepashka.

Anna Mikhalkova is the daughter of Nikita Mikhalkov. She has one older half brother, Stefan, from her father's previous marriage. She has two younger siblings, Artam and Nadia. She has been on the show since 2002.

Oxana Fedorova is one of the 3 people in the present day who accompanies the puppets.

Oxana Fedorova is Resigned Miss Universe 2002. She was an only child. She has been on the show since 2002.

Dmitry Malikov on Set.

Dmitry Malikov is the son of Yury Malikov. He has one younger sister, Inna. He has been on the show since September 12, 2012.

About the program

Over the years, it has been on like this:

September 1, 1964- December 25, 1991: 20:45 MSK, Soviet Central Television Programme One

December 26, 1991- October 1997: 20:45 MSK, Channel One

October 1997- August 30, 2002: 20:50 MSK, Channel One

Rossiya TV is their main Television Channel. It usually broadcasts the show all the time from 2002 onward.

September 2, 2002-Present: 20:50 MSK, Rossiya Network

The show was also broadcasted on Another VGTRK Channel since 2010.

And the graphics look like this: 1964-1982: Pinnochio Clock

1970S: Girl with toys

1982-1991:Plasticine Animation of a girl with toys

1986-1994: Animation (with a different song in it)

1995-1997: Animation (with a different song in it)

1997-1999: Crazier Cartoon with Puppets

1999-2002: Bunny on a theater

Their Show's graphics look like this from 2002 onward.

2002-Present: Remake of Plasticine Animation of a girl with toys.

Other Songs besides the main one:

1986-1994: Russian Translation of Mozart's Wiegenlied

1995-1997: Song about a fairy

About the Main Song

It was written by Arkady Ostrovsky and Zoya Petrova in 1964.

In 1982, the animation was done by Alexandr Tatarskiy.

It was brought back by Channel One in October 1997 with Shortening the timeslot, where it remained today.

Rossiya Network was the only network that played this for the program.