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Indeed they are.....

 This is The Evil Barney Song Soundtrack. All of these songs have to do with Barney's evil doings over the years. All of the songs were either made up by Barney during his offtime, his friends from The Barney Bunch, or were made up by people who dispise him. Some of these songs can be found on YouTube and some can even be found in some lost Barney episodes.

List of songs

1:The Evil Barney Song (song)

2:I F**k You,You F**k Me!

3:I Drive the Kids Bus to School.

4:I Hate You,You Hate Me Version 1.

5:I Hate You,You Hate Me Version 2.

6:Barney is My Enemy Version 1

7:Barney is My Enemy Version 2

8:Barney's on Fire

9: The Barney Bunch Theme Song

10:The Barney Bunch Theme Song Version 2

11:The Barney Bunch Alphabet

12:Barney Gave Me an HIV

13:Off to Gasia We Go!

14: A Rainbow Erection

15. Cupcakes Song

16. I F*ck Big Balls (Barney Version)

17. I Hate You, You Hate Me Version 3

18.I Hate You, You Hate Me Version 4

19. Barney Rules All (End Credits)

20. MTV Drewland Ident

If anybody knows any more evil songs about Barney, please put them here and number them.