Barney attack

Barney devouring the lawyer in Jurassic Park.

In Steven Spielberg's blockbuster film Jurassic Park, scientists have cloned seven famous dinosaurs for an amusement park, but it all went wrong. This has more information. The seven dinosaurs in the movie were...

However, there was an eighth dinosaur, but it was removed from the movie for being very dangerous and scary. It was Barney. His DNA and T-rex DNA were fused, and in the movie, he is similar to Super Evil Barney, but without the T-rex looks.

There are only 3 (Now 4) known copies of the original film (with Barney) in existence: one with, one in the hands of a collector, one is owned by Steven Spielberg, and one is owned by an anonymous person in Montana. He has sent a bootleg copy around the internet. Anyone who sees it soon dies of fright. One frame was taken, and it is shown here on this page with Barney eating the lawyer off the toilet.

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