The New Barney & Friends is a spinoff of Barney and friends it's about a evil dinosour named barney.


Season 1 

  1. Rock-Afire Explosion from the dead
  2. How Barney and Chuck E. Cheese became friends
  3. Caillous new friend
  4. Barney meets Peppa
  5. Drew and the Swell Shark
  6. Michael becomes Swell
  7. Chuck E. Cheese Takeover
  8. Club Barney 
  9. Barney rapes the San Diego Chicken
  10. The Raptor kills the San Diego Chicken
  11. CEC TV (again)
  12. Angela Anaconda kills Daniel Tiger
  13. Chuck E. Cheese meets Oscar the Grouch
  14. Barney kills Guy Smiley
  15. Bob Johnson becomes evil
  16. The Christmas Episode
  17. The Triton Adventure
  18. The Backyard Gang (Part 1)
  19. The Backyard  Gang (Part 2)
  20. Best of Season One

Season 2

21. Chuck E. Cheese meets Angela Anaconda

22. Very Swell and Sexy Valentines Day


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