The Nightmare Before Masturbating Party Baikin XXX in which Earis and Iris gave a bad review because they liked The "Real" Christmas 1993 Box Office Bomb, Look Who's Talking Now, Better. Horrorman, who got rejected from the original [1], appeared in this version instead.

It aired over 9000 times on Drewland TV Year Round.

The Poster

The poster has Horrorman, who was Rejected from the original, throwing Jack Skellington into a fire pit for replacing him. Also, Astro Boy, Baikinman and Baikin Orgy appeared.


It starts with the normal Touchstone Pictures logo (in 2006, Drewsney), then a commercial for Brought to You by Santa on tv. Then Barney accidentaly smashed the tv when the promo for Rudolph came on. due to this, Baikinman and his stupid brothers, Aokinman and Akakinman began throwing a tantrum. then the title card, with Astro Boy.

In the city of Cobaltville (renamed to Lazytown in 2005, but however in the Drewsney version, they used Cobaltville rather than Lazytown as the name of the Drewland Capitol), Inotoko hijacks a plane, to bomb on Halloween Town, where Jack Skellnigton Lives. Inotoko takes away Jack's cousin, John Skelington, who has teeth rather than Stiches to Drewland.

Due to this, Inotoko Ikeman, Cobaltville native, forces John Skellington to work like Chef Pee Pee. Meanwhile, Kenny Kidna films The Homosexual Cat kicking Odie off the table


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