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The Pajanimals. From left to right: Apollo, SweetPea Sue, Squacky, and CowBella.

The Pajanimals are four 3-year old idiot animals who tried to ruin the United States. Their series premiered in 2011 on PBS Kids Sprout (Music Videos in 2008). Like the Gabbas, they annoy people. They are amongst the youngest members in the Barney Bunch. Their series also premiered on NBC Kids on July 7, 2012 and will premiere on all PBS Kids affiliates (including Connecticut Public Television) on January 2, 2014. It will become the first show from PBS Kids Sprout to premiere on all PBS Kids affiliates since Sprout was established on September 26, 2005. The series would be the last show of the day on all the affiliates. 

The Pajanimals Promotion Photo for PBS Kids affiliates for the premiere on January 2, 2014.


  • They formerly own a billion trillion million roosters until the hesseneffers stole it in November 2014
  • They are the directors of the Roosterlandia film series, which would NEVER EVER end. The films are made for Barney Bunch Productions.
  • Squacky is the unluckiest of the Pajanimals and gets raped by the Barney Bunch more frequently than the others.
  • Apollo has a little brother named Tyke.
  • Starting on 9th January 2015, they take drugs.