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The Pajanimals Sucks is a band established by Stepashka and her friends

The Pajanimals Sucks in Moscow, Russian Federation.

Who are they?

They are The Enemies of The Pajanimals when their show isn't on.


Stepashka and the other Russian Puppets were making a new band against The Pajanimals. Philya had a good name so they named it The Pajanimals Sucks and they are playing their new band across Russia and their Telecasts for the Post-Soviet States. Tragically, they got injured by a bombing thanks to Astro Boy in 2003, but all of them are still Alive today. they are straight edge, and don't take heroine, steroids, viagra or any other bad stuff.

Stepashka is one of Cowbella's, Apollo's, Squacky's and S.P. Sue's Enemies.