The Raptor is Barney's  brother who is a homosexual and got plastic surgery because he got picked as the mascot for the Toronto Raptors.


In 1976, he made his own preschool Betamax tape series for kids. It was successful, until 1986. He actually played the blue Barney from the first episode of The Backyard Gang until Waiting for Santa when his brother became available. He became an alternate Barney from 1991 to 1993 when he sexually assualted the kids (mostly women). When he became the mascot of the Toronto Raptors, he was paid a lot of money and later bought a penthouse in New York City in 1999. Then he bought the whole building. He currently lives there gaining $12323434442223455.99 hundred quadrillion daily 


Roller Blade Fail

Raptor Mascot Voice Over-0

Raptor Mascot Voice Over-0

 Seventeen times Barney's younger brother tries to rollerblade while saying stupid things also, falling on hardwood floor and playing basketball.
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