"It looks like a big, good, strong cock, doesn't it?"

The Rock Biter
, better known as The C*ck Biter, ("born" 67,000,000 BC) is a member of the Barney Bunch. He is a 50-foot tall pile of Barney's fossilized shit with a 270-mile long c*ck and he likes to shove rocks up his ass like dildis, and have gay poopy buttsex with his "wife" (who is actually a crossdressing man). He also likes to ride around Fantasia on his giant stone bike looking for fantastic creatures to rape. He gets his nickname The C*ck Biter due to the fact he often bites onto people's cocks while giving blowjobs. His best butt-buddies are Bastian, Atreyu, Artax, Falkor the Fuckdragon, Gmork, Grograman, Engywook, and Bark Troll.

Rockbiter's Swell Gayllery 

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