The Reason this was not shown in the final film or Home Media releases is, because the executives at Disney didn't want to show to Audiences that Baymax is a Member of the Barney Bunch and Also, Drew Pickles and Astro Boy were in it and they had no Permission to be in the Film

WARNING: You Must be 2129187483217439021409328194 billion Years old to View


Baymax: Hello!, My Name is Baymax, and I'm Really Really Really Gay, i Like to F*ck Hiro in the Ass and Piss in his Face and Shit in his Mouth and Fart in the Air and Poop on the Ground and then i Have an Orgy with Drew Pickles and Astro Boy and he Sticks his Giant Screwdriver into my Inflatable Ass, Because i'm Really Really Gay! File:Baymaxdildis.png

now i will Show you my Dildis collection, First here is the Dickey Mouse, Next Here is the Millennium Cock, it is shaped like the Millennium Falcon, All these Dildis are very Swell, Now im going to stick one up Astro Boy and Drew Pickles' Bumholes Later my Sexy Faggots!

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