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Here's the timeline of Doraemon's Plans to leave the Barney Bunch

  • August 30 2010, Astro plans to make song out of BTB, but during first chorus, he got sent to the ER because he got Pwned by Anpanman and Akachanman
  • September 6 2010, Cat in the hat ruins The Barney bunch's labor day, so Doraemon ditched it so he can meet Mordecai, Rigby, and The Black and White Spies (Members of ABB), Drew Pickles finds out that Doraemon has plans to join The Anti Barney Bunch if his TV Channel rips off The Cat in the hat in 2011.
  • April 2011, Do Not Touch Our Time was filmed.
  • May 3, 2011 Escape to Drewland: The Year of The Barney was filmed, Doraemon's last gig with the Barney Bunch
  • May 10 2011, Kid-Friendly Panda joins TV Asahi, Doraemon officialy joins The Anti Barney Bunch on behalf of Michu Bee, who led him to do what he's supposed to do.
  • May 28 2011, Barney introduces Doraemon to introduce the Elvis episode of Chaos, but failed to appear so the sad trombone sound was heard [1] after finding out that Doraemon joined The Anti Barney Bunch due to Kid-Friendly Panda joining TV Asahi on May 10, 2011.