Two and A Half Baikins is a hit tv show starring Baikinman, Dokinchan and Kokinchan

Astro Boy does not appear in this tv show, but he made it happen.

Two and A Half Baikins

Two and A Half Baikins opening sequence L-R: Baikinman, Kokinchan, and Dokinchan THEME SOUNDS SIMILAR TO TWO AND A HALF MEN, BUT IT'S NOT.

Akachanman cries..... well not

Akachanman's reaction if she watches an episode of Two and A Half Baikins.

One of the show's best known episodes is an episode with Justin Bieber as guest star. [1]

The show also appeared in Fucktime Orgies

The show was Axed by MTV in 2015 due to axing programs that premiered during the 2001 and 2005 logos.

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