Zeebo on TVS Set

Zeebo is a fictional character on Nickelodeon in an episode of iCarly in 2008 when he ruins the iCarly TV Show.

First Attempt

Annoying Zeebo

Annoying Zeebo

He says "I'm Zeebo" and he hits Carly & Sam and then he does the same thing again and refuse to quit it and then says "Kaboom" while hitting them. Sam later grabs a microphone and beats him up. The man in the costume was a middle aged man who appeared in 4 episodes of Full House.

Second Attempt

Amber Tate and Zeebo hosts iCarly

Amber Tate and Zeebo hosts iCarly

Amber Tate appears and then Zeebo says "I'm Zeebo." he then sings his own original song (rip off to Barney's i love you song) and then the music ends before it finishes.

In the end


Zeebo: But Michelle, why do you have two dates to the prom without even asking?

Amber Tate: Dad, Luke is so sweet, but Brandon is so hot.

Zeebo: Oh Noodles (as he hits Amber Tate)

Carly, Sam, Freddie, and Spencer: Lame (they then turn off the tv).

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